I've covered the setting up of a SharePoint development machine in the past but I thought I might just add a few notes on setting it up on the new Windows Server 2008.

The main difference you'll notice is in the configuration of IIS7. You will need to enable the correct set of features before installing anthing else. You will install the tools in a specific order. The VM I built is a Workgroup machine for development and learning at home, so I can get away with using my MACHINENAME\Administrator account for everything. I am using VMWare Workstation version 6. I use NAT to access the Internet via my host machine.

SharePoint Server 2007 on IIS7


When installing SQL Server 2005, you can ignore VS 2005-related compatibility errors. However, there is one serious gotcha: you must install the KB 950636 hotfix before installing SQL Server 2005 (only applies to Web Server Edition). If you do not do this, the install will not work on Windows Server 2008. For more details, check Bill Staples' IIS blog.

I created a base VM with just the OS and latest patches. I configured IIS7 and relaxed the browser security settings. I set a maximum size for the VM to grow to dynamically and configured it in 2GB chunks. Then I defragged and ran the VMWare shrink.

At this point, I created a full clone on which I installed the following, in this order:

KB 950636
* SQL Server 2005
* SQL Server 2005 SP2
* Windows Updates
* VS 2008
* Windows Updates
* Office 2007 Enterprise
* Windows Updates

Finally, install SharePoint Server 2007 with SP1 and you should be good to go :-)


SharePoint on Vista Many developers have been complaining at having to install a server on their development machine in order to code against WSS/MOSS. I wouldn't have thought it possible but someone has stepped up to the plate and made it happen... thanks to Jonas Nilsson, principle architect of MashPoint we can do our WSS coding on our main development PC.

No longer will you have to be slave to your VM. Although VMs are still the best thing since sliced bread, the achilles heel of SharePoint has always been the lack of consideration for the development environment. People running demos for clients and giving presentations will find this particularly useful. Take a bow Jonas!

Read about it here...



SharePoint | Vista

SharePoint and Stratocasters

by agrace 16. December 2007 03:13

Family Pets Apologies for not posting for so long. This is just a quick update of what I've been up to and what I'll be blogging about in 2008. First off, there have been two new additions to the family, as shown in the picture. We got Tripper (Tripper Grace, not to be confused with Tipper Gore) as a nine-week old puppy in Northern California and he is still being housetrained! The other addition was a Rory Gallagher 1961 Stratocaster, hand-made by Fender.

Las Vegas I'm in the process of setting up the new SharePoint Intranet for the County where I work. As part of the training, a team of us attended the DevConnections conference last month in Las Vegas. The most informative session for me was the "Structured Approach to Building MOSS 2007 Publishing Sites" given by Andrew Connell. My goal is to have a repeatable deployment model which lends itself to source control. In addition, I'm looking to have a comprehensive backup and restore process. By comprehensive, I mean one which takes into account such missing pieces as customization, Web Parts and the IIS metabase. This is an ongoing task for me right now. But Andrew's presentation brought me a lot closer. Chapter 4 of Real World SharePoint 2007 was penned by Andrew and gives a good insight into Feature-based deployment.

SharePoint is one big jigsaw with a couple of pieces missing. The real task is identifying these missing pieces and not blindly trusting the OOTB functionality. This is true whether you are creating a development environment or a backup and restore process. I will blog more about my experiences in the coming months.