How to Install VSeWSS 1.3

by agrace 27. January 2009 16:40

Download the 1.3 extensions to your C:/ drive from here:

Start the msi from an elevated command prompt - that is, right click Command Prompt icon in Start menu and select 'Run as Administrator'. Issue this command:

C:\msiexec /i VSeWSSv13_x86_Build_307_CTP.msi

This will prevent the UAC from causing the VSeWSS 1.3 to "fail prematurely".

Update 02-19-20009:

sn.exe meant for 32-bit OS runs without error on 64-bit OS and incorrectly shows message indicating success.

Update 03-31-2009:

Latest release is a .exe file, so this shouldn't cause problems.

I've covered the setting up of a SharePoint development machine in the past but I thought I might just add a few notes on setting it up on the new Windows Server 2008.

The main difference you'll notice is in the configuration of IIS7. You will need to enable the correct set of features before installing anthing else. You will install the tools in a specific order. The VM I built is a Workgroup machine for development and learning at home, so I can get away with using my MACHINENAME\Administrator account for everything. I am using VMWare Workstation version 6. I use NAT to access the Internet via my host machine.

SharePoint Server 2007 on IIS7


When installing SQL Server 2005, you can ignore VS 2005-related compatibility errors. However, there is one serious gotcha: you must install the KB 950636 hotfix before installing SQL Server 2005 (only applies to Web Server Edition). If you do not do this, the install will not work on Windows Server 2008. For more details, check Bill Staples' IIS blog.

I created a base VM with just the OS and latest patches. I configured IIS7 and relaxed the browser security settings. I set a maximum size for the VM to grow to dynamically and configured it in 2GB chunks. Then I defragged and ran the VMWare shrink.

At this point, I created a full clone on which I installed the following, in this order:

KB 950636
* SQL Server 2005
* SQL Server 2005 SP2
* Windows Updates
* VS 2008
* Windows Updates
* Office 2007 Enterprise
* Windows Updates

Finally, install SharePoint Server 2007 with SP1 and you should be good to go :-)


You've checked your namespaces and references a hundred times but you're still getting this annoying error when accessing code files in a sub-folder?

Are you Missing an Assembly Reference?


There is more than one cause of this error, for example, you will sometimes see it when attempting to use the App_Code folder within an ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application project.

On this particular occassion, we are building an ASP.NET 2.0 Web Application project in C# using VS 2005. The folder containing the code file is just a regular folder, but the same error message appears.

Here's a fix that might work for you. Right-click the file you are trying to access in Solution Explorer.

File Properties in Solution Explorer


Select Properties which will open the Properties window. Go to the Build Action DropDown menu.

File Build Action


Select 'Compile' for the build action. In this case, it had been to be set to 'Content'. Now compile as normal and you should be able to reference the file.